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The “Thoes” in pictures

Hurmes Animal Home is located in the beautiful village of Stramproy right by the edge of the Areven nature reserve.

The Hurmes farm

When we purchased our farm in 2015, the sellers congratulated us with the purchase of “Hurmes”.

At that moment we had no idea what “Hurmes” meant. After enquiring it turned out that our farm’s name is Hurmes. All previous residents of this farm of old have had the nickname Hurmes. The last resident before us in Hurmes was Hurmes Sjang Maes. We are keeping up the Hurmes tradition through our foundation.

On the left you can see a picture from the Hurmes farm from 1953. The old farm was extended in the seventies with the current house. After we purchased Hurmes we started reviving this old farm. We are still working very hard to ensure the animals get the “Thoes” they deserve.

The Hurmes Animal Home is made up of nearly 1.5 hectare, from which the largest part consists out of meadow-land available for the grazing animals. The ponies have access to a shelter stable and at night they are all put in separate stables. This way we can mainly feed the oldies and they can enjoy their portion of hay and dry food in peace and quiet.

The water birds have access to several ponds. The small water birds are kept separate from the bigger water birds here to prevent fights and accidents.


The cats have got a very spacious secluded outdoor area and a heated indoor area available to them. The dogs are free to wonder around a large part of the house and have access to a separate part of the large garden. The entire terrain is enclosed in such a way that when the horses are in their stables the dogs are safe to run around the meadow. This is especially great for those dogs that need a lot of exercise and also dogs who are so scared that they can’t be walked on a leash. This way they can still get their required exercise and can sniff around as much as they like.

To retain peace and quiet amongst the poultry, most roosters are situated in a separate rooster meadow-land. The hens along with a couple of roosters make use of the goat meadow-land, separated from the other roosters.

For the disabled birds there is a separate aviary available, where they don’t get bothered by the other animals.

In the near future we are planning to make a warren for the rabbits and a separate aviary for parakeets.

Hurmes Animal Home

My name is Sandra Peeters. Together with my husband Patrick we live in the Hurmes farm and are the administrators of the Hurmes Animal Home Foundation.

From a young age onwards animals have been my passion. Wherever I would go, animals would be surrounding me.  My very first love was Boefie. My parents purchased Boefie when he was just a small 6 weeks old puppy. For 17 years Boefie has been my loyal friend. Together we have had such good times. Along with Whisky, our pony, we spent many hours in the forests.

All sorts of things we would bring home. Sick and weak animals, hedgehogs, rabbits, a buzzard, blackbirds, woodpeckers, you name it. All sick and injured animals we would encounter during our trips through the forests would get brought home to then get patched up back to normal health. This is how it has been my entire life. The total amount of animals I have sheltered by now I can’t even remember.


Boefie has experienced my entire childhood with me and just after I graduated at the HAS in Den Bosch he passed away. He left behind a big void in my life, but he also made sure that I have always remained having my passion of sheltering animals in need.

After Boefie’s passing, together with my husband we found a new dog. My eye had caught a Spanish Galgo. Through the foundation that relocates these dogs, we found our Nouschka, a true sweetheart of a dog.

Because we didn’t want Nouschka to be alone, very soon after his friends followed:

  • Mo, a little podenco granny, adopted from Spain through a foundation

  • Pimmetje, a mixed breed foxterrier, 12 years of age who was living in a Belgium animal shelter after his owned passed away

  • Muppie, our little carebaby, ended up in an animal shelter as a foundling, but without a chance of getting adopted (toothless, epileptic, old and blind). Nobody who wanted her, but she was more than welcome with us.

Our little pack kept growing and new additions were not uncommon, but unfortunately sometimes pack member pass away as well.


By now we had bought a nice house with plenty of land, so because of the space we had other animals living with us as well. Our two little ponies; both rescued from a slaughter house, chickens that got bought out of a battery cage, stray cats who couldn’t go anywhere, Johnnie, our little jackdaw who was “harassing” people in the village and also numerous bunnies and guinea pigs who would get dumped at our house because the dear children didn’t even bother looking at them anymore.

Our “babies” are all so-called second hand animals because for one reason or another they couldn’t stay at their owners anymore or they had been stuck in an animal shelter for months with no hope for adoption. All of our animals have got a story, a reason why they didn’t fit in the hectic society anymore. You can read the stories of some of our animals here.

In 2015 my dream finally came true, the purchase of the Hurmes farm: our very own farm with space for our animals, located right by the edge of a forest in the middle of the nature. The Forever Home for the animals who needed it so desperately. A place they deserve and where they never have to leave. Their journey ends at Hurmes, but their lives are only starting just now.


My Boefie and Whisky symbolise the forever home, the Hurmes Animal Home Foundation.

How it all started

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