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Hoe kun je ons helpen?

With your support we can help even more animals and ensure that all residents of the Hurmes Animal Home get the care they need and deserve.


Help us and give for the animals who will otherwise be forgotten. You can help our animals in the following ways.

Become a donator

Donate to the Hurmes Animal Home and help the animals.


You can easily contribute by donating trough PayPal.

You can also choose to transfer your contribution to our bank account.

NL80 ABNA0248648144

Wish List

You can make our animals happy with the following things:

  • Tinned dog food ( all brands)

  • Tinned cat food (Felix, Whiskas, Kittekat, Gourmet, diet food)

  • Cat food in tubs

  • Dry cat food (Felix, Whiskas, Kittekat, diet food, Tompoes)

  • Cat milk

  • Dog and cat toys

  • Fleece blankets



Besides the above mentioned we need the following things for the daily care:

  • Biotex

  • Kitchen towels

  • Hand soap (hand pump)

  • Mops (new)

  • Towels




Hurmes Animal Home’s friends

Dierenartsenpraktijk De Keizer
Isidorus Weert
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