Hurmes Animal Home Foundation

The Hurmes Animal Home Foundation (also known as stichting Hurmes Dierenthoes) offers animals with a story a permanent home. This is what all our animals have in common: a story. These stories are not sweet, enjoyable or beautiful. No, they are stories filled with pain, fear or even cruelty. Animals that are sick, disabled, old or for many other reasons have had a very long journey in their often short life, will lovingly get sheltered at the Hurmes Animal Home.

How it started

What we do

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Friends of Hurmes

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Our Animals

- 12 dogs

- 41 cats

- 1 horse

- 6 pony's

- 2 pigs

- 3 rabbits
- 2 goats

- 2 gooses

- 3 ducks

- 2 gerbille

- 4 guinea pigs

- 25 chickens, 40 roosters

- 50 pigeons

- 1 pheasant

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