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Oprichtingsakte Stichting Hurmes Dierenthoes
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Flyer Stichting Hurmes Dierenthoes
Huishoudelijk reglement Stichting Hurmes Dierenthoes
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Activiteitenrapport 2017
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Our goals

It is often hard to explain what we do, but especially why we do what we do. It is not a job or an obligation. We do this with all of our heart, this is our life goal. Caring for those who deserve it, but don’t receive that care. Shelter those animals that aren’t getting a chance anymore for their right, a life without pain, without fear, hunger or thirst. Only love and doing what you want. All of our animals get what they need, the attention, food, medical care and especially the attention they each need individually. We are medically supported with this by our veterinarian who we have been with for over 20 years, Veterinary Practise “De Keizer” in Kessel-Eik.


Our goals are:

Offer a permanent home for animals that:

  • Because of old age, illnesses or disabilities can’t go anywhere else anymore

  • Don’t have a chance anymore for an animal-worthy life

  • Don’t have a chance anymore for adoption

  • Are being threatened with death

Furthermore we have the following sub-objectives:

  • Make people more conscious before they purchase a pet by offering them information and guidance.

  • Teach children how to treat animals and make them aware of how they need to care for animals

  • Bring people in contact with our animals who are often forgotten about


We are very transparent in what we do and what we want to accomplish. Our founding act, policies, activity reporting and bylaw are available in the website’s footnote.

Remuneration policy


The management of the Hurmes Animal Home Foundation does not receive any rewards for the tasks they perform within the foundation, this according to Article 3 from the by-laws. Within the foundation there are no paid positions. The volunteers do not receive any financial remuneration. The management take care of the animals’ daily care and maintaining the Hurmes farm with all stables and basis. The management do not receive any financial remuneration for their tasks within the foundation.

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