Wat doen we

Sem our youngest son

Luca our eldest son

Sem with his rooster

Luca with his first little chicken

Every living creature has a right to a dignified life. Unfortunately reality is not like this. Many animals do not know love (anymore) and get dumped, along the roadside, in the forest, or if they get lucky in an animal shelter. We shelter the animals that have no chances anymore for a worthy life, those that have no more chances for adoption because of their age, illness or disability, or even animals that are threatened by death. We help these animals and they can live in the Hurmes Animal Home for the rest of their lives.

What do we represent?

All of our animals have a story which makes them unable to fit in this society anymore, unable to find a home or are doomed. We shelter these animals with all our love and with us they can write and finish their stories whichever way they wish: with expert guidance and all the care that they need so badly.

The animal home is the Forever Home for those animals that need it. All animals deserve respect and a dignified life. We stand up for those animals who don’t receive this anymore because of their health, age or disability. We think that all animals no matter what age, illness, disability or instructions deserve a respectful and dignified life with the care that they specifically need. Unfortunately it is not possible for everyone to provide this and consequently lots of animals end up in shelters or on the streets. We also come across many examples of elderly people who have no choice but to go to an elderly home or pass away with family members not being able to take in their beloved animals. These animals that have been fussed over their entire lives then get dumped in an animal shelter. They struggle to adjust to life in the animal shelter. Because of their old age it often proves to be not possible for these animals to be relocated. This can’t be what their owners have wanted for their beloved pet.

Or those pets that people buy spontaneously, without putting thought in it beforehand. When after a while it turns out to be harder work than they thought and they stop bothering with these pets. For years they waste away in a little cage, get neglected or abandoned in the forest. Also these animals deserve a golden home, without fear or pain, the right food and plenty of space to run around, dig, sleep or just do nothing.

But also the larger farm animals are welcome with us. Bald chickens from a battery cage can come to peace at our farm and just be a chicken. Ponies, goats and pigs who were waiting to be slaughtered because they weren’t welcome anymore or had a disability can have their Forever Home with us.

We think it is very important that children treat animals right. Our two children Luca and Sem have grown up with animals. They know how to handle them, but mainly how to respect them, they are not toys or things. They are living creatures who feel pain and fear. We pass this along to our children, we tell them how animals should be treated, what they need and especially what they don’t need. By sharing this with other kids we want to pass along the understanding that os often lacking, an animal will be an animal and they all have their own values. Make sure that you never cross that boundary and indulge them in all the care and love they need and deserve! We would like to invite primary schools to come and take a look at the Hurmes Animal Home. Children can then meet our animals. In a playful manner we want to show children how to treat animals and what it is an animal needs.

Furthermore we would also like to let elderly people enjoy our “Thoes”. In the future elderly people can make appointments in groups and come enjoy the peace for a morning or afternoon. Just enjoy the animals and see what it is that we do. We also provide coffee and tea!


What animals can we shelter?

We offer a permanent home to animals that because of their handicap, old age or illnesses don’t have a chance anymore to get adopted or get an animal-worthy life, or those animals who because of their “problem” are being threatened with death. We can only offer a home to rodents, dogs, cats, small hoofed animals, poultry, water birds and aviary birds.

We don’t have options to shelter reptiles or birds of prey. There are other specialised shelters for these animals. A number of these locations are mentioned under “Contact”.

Many animals that end up with us show serious behaviour or health problems. Often these problems lessen when the animals are in a quiet environment and receive the (medical) care that they need. We try to do everything to reduce the behaviour and health problems down to a level so it affects the animals as little as possible and so they can live an animal-worthy life.

Unfortunately it can happen that the behavioural or health problems are that serious that the animals can show such aggressive behaviour that they become a danger to themselves, the caretakers, the other animals or they are so poorly that they are suffering. In case this occurs we will always discuss with the veterinarian and other experts to try and find the best solution for the animal. Only in the most extreme cases and if there are no other ways out an animal will be euthanized.

Our goals

Here you can read what our goal is

Who we are?

The Hurmes Animal Home team


Would you like to help us? Here you can read how you can do that.

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