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Who are we?

My name is Sandra, founder and chairman of the Hurmes Animal Home. I’m a mother of two boys: Luca and Sem and I am married to Patrick. From a young age onwards I have been crazy about animals and have had a soft spot for dismal animals in need. For as long as I can remember I have been dragging everything along with me to my house that was injured or in need of help. Many visits to the veterinarian, nightly feedings for the many orphaned animals and a bulging medicine cupboard for the present care babies. All of my education has been aimed at animal and cattle farming and also animal health care. At the Secondary Agrarian School and the Higher Agrarian School I have had internships at many different companies within animal farming.  Everything ranging from sow companies, dairy farms, goat farms, children’s farms, animal shelters, zoos and a veterinarian. This way I have gained a lot of knowledge about different animals, the knowledge which I have been carrying out in practice later on. Now many years later, surrounded by a whole pack of little “children” in need, my dream has become a reality in the home for all these animals. Together with Patrick we are the steady caretakers for all the animals. Besides caring for the animals we are working on decorating the home as optimal as possible for the animals.

Dear animal lovers,

I would like to introduce myself to you…

My name is Petra/”Sarah”, mother of a 23 year old son named Dio. I grew up at home with dogs, a Bouvier and a Boomer dog. My first “own” dog was Buster, a Labrador. After being a guide dog for six years he got rejected, having many health problems. Most of all though he was unbelievably sweet and an amazing buddy for my son. After a while I got two stray cats and two dogs from an animal shelter. At home it was always one happy caboodle. By then I also had my own boarding kennel/dog walking service and a cat caring service called “CatDog”. All dogs were adjusting nicely with our family, our own animals. Because of health issues I had to quit my passion and pride with a very heavy heart. After my last dog Bandit passed away I made a conscious decision. Because of my health I made the decision to only have one pet anymore. That one pet was Woody, a very sweet animal shelter dog with a tragic history and serious behavioural problems. But I am oh so happy with him! Concerning the Foundation… When Sandra asked me to help her as a committee member and PR Hand I immediately said yes. I don’t know anyone who puts her heart and soul in for animals more than my little brother and sister in law. With my experience as a volunteer at the Animal protection and as a writer from the column “Animal of the week”, I can also contribute to the Foundation… You are more than welcome to support “our” animals!

My name is Debby Peeters, Sandra’s sister and I am also a massive animal lover myself. I have two passions in my life. My animals and my hobby: making illustrations. I live together with my dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. They all came from places where they were not welcome anymore. Besides caring for and fussing over these animals they are very big sources of inspiration for my other passion: illustrating. My dog Pixel came from an Animal Shelter in Spain, is the main character in my first picture boek: “Lieveheershondje”.

Within the foundation I have been named secretary and chamberlain. Through my creative background I am also involved with making the website, leaflets, business cards and everything else that is needed to support the foundation creatively.

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